About Star Coaching Center

Star Coaching Center was developed by the joined attempts of Mr. Girish Chadha. Star Coaching Center is an Institution as well as rather a noteworthy Education Shelter for understudies, some help, an all around arranged guide blended with quality guideline and giving total game plan in the field of preparing.

For over two decades, SCC has initiated the way with its exhibited association in running honor winning informative core interests. Making foundations of learning with an approach that spotlights on academic gloriousness, and in addition helping understudies develop their character, innovativeness, qualities and soul of expert.

Star Coaching Centre offers best of the best instructors for your kids. We work closely with our students to make it a success. Star Coaching Centre is not just a Tuition Center, but a holistic institute for Learning and Development. Our vision is to build sharper students enabling them to excel in all walks of life, While Academic Excellence forms the core of everything we do.

We offer multiple courses, expert instructors and best management of your time, effort and money. A modernized institution that take cares of every aspect of learning including exam preparation, overcoming the weaknesses & skill enhancement. Choose us to choose best outcome.

Our Mission:

At STAR COACHING CENTRE, our mission is to deliver quality education to each and every student and to ensure his/her success. We commit ourselves to excellent education and boast of a number of faculty members who are totally devoted and committed so as to build trust and compassion between teachers and students and ensure that the students achieve what they came for.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become a educational set up that works towards the overall development of its students by strengthening the brightest and young minds to achieve and fly high in sky so as to achieve best in their lives. At STAR COACHING CENTRE we nurture the students to explore their full potential so as to boost their self-confidence and moral in order to realize their dreams by advanced teaching methodology. At STAR COACHING CENTRE, students gain an understanding of the courses they enroll for and get mentorship in career directions while enhancing the educational process as they become the next generation of professionals who are going to run the country's economy and steer it towards growth and prosperity.